Home page tools vices CFT-60/T (trans) CFT-80M 2 in 1 Hair Stacker/Medium (trans) CFT-60L (Trans) CFT-1000 Marco Polo System Intruder box with wide image 2013 Intruder Box Award Large Intruder Box CF-1506F CF-2555 CF-3510F


Better Boxes and Angling Equipment For The Way You Fish.

C & F Design's unique products are the result of years of development in the lab and on the water, and it's taken refinement by Japanese designers to create fly boxes, fly fishing accessories, and fly tying tools with such exceptional functionality.

Choose from Micro Slit Foam in fly boxes or system fly boxes with replaceable foam inserts so you can use different inserts for different types of flies, or to create selections for each outing.

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